It’s finally Day 30 of my #ThirtyDaysOfThanks and today I am especially thankful for my friends.


Yes I am thankful for friends and if you’re reading this it means you!  I’m lucky enough to have thousands of friends already and am looking forward to meeting thousands more before I’m through.  The best gift you can give yourself is a good friend.  The responsibility of a friend is to talk and to listen.  The world would be a better place if there were more friends in it.  The road to a friends house is never long and this is truer than ever in the digital age.  I’ve had the wonderful chance to meet many of my online friends in real life and have been pleasantly surprised.  Every friend I have has taught me at least one thing that no one else could and my life is richer because of that.  Make new friends but keep the old, those are silver but these are gold.  My friends, I love them all.  So I thank you for being my friend!   Are we friends yet?



  1. Hi Wendy,

    Yes, we are friends and I totally agree with you. Friendships enrich your life, always be open to new ones cuz you never stop learning from new friends (and “old” ones for that matter). It’s fun having friends all over the world. Like you I had the chance to meet some of them, including you!! I travelled thousands of miles to be be able to but it’s very much worth it.
    You have thaught me to be more aware of my creative side. Work in progress but you did open the lid to my ” creative development kit”.Hoping to meet you again. Friends forever.

    • Oh Monique I feel the same way about meeting you! Thank you my friend! Lucky for us e have technology since we are so far apart.

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