Handprint Turkey Table Runner

My Handprint Turkey Table Runner has brought some fun to my kitchen and would be perfect on any Thanksgiving Table so I’m sharing it with you today.

Turkey Handprint Table Runner

There are so many fun ideas to make with children’s handprints, one of which is a turkey.  Instead of just making a handprint turkey picture on paper I thought, why not put it on a table runner to use every year at Thanksgiving.  Tradition plays a big part of holidays at our house and making projects with the children is a big part of that.   My children love to look back at things they made when they were younger so I know that this will be a fun reminder for you to have.  Children are creative and will love to get theirs hands a little messy for this project too!

Thanksgiving Table Decorations

You can use any fabric table runner that you have already or buy a plain one at the store.  I actually made mine out of a heavier cotton called duck cloth.  It’s inexpensive and very easy to make.  I’ll post a tutorial of how to sew it for you soon.  So simple.  For the turkeys all you need is paint, permanent marker and hands of little children.  I recommend that you borrow children you know or use your own instead of stealing children just for this cute project though!

For this project you can use fabric paint or acrylic paint that can be found at any craft store.  I used 5 colors of paints for mine in red, orange, yellow, green and brown.  Using a sponge brush, cover a hand in paint and press down firmly on fabric and then release straight up to avoid smudging.   Do this for each color you want and do as many hand prints as you want.   Next I used a paint marker and made legs and a dot for the eye and the wattle {That red thing hanging on the turkey’s neck!}  Then last of all, using a permanent thin width pigma pen you can write each child’s name next to their turkey.   *TIP- Place a towel on top of the project and iron it to heat set the paint.  I will be spot cleaning this runner instead of throwing it in the laundry.   That’s it!  Simple, fun and adorable.

Some other fun ideas to use with this are to make a handprint for everyone at your Thanksgiving table and add to it each year.  Make a turkey to represent every grandchild and give it to Grandma.  You could also use the pen and write things that each child is thankful for in the rest of the blank spaces on the table runner.  The possibilities are endless.  Also there are some cute handprint shapes to do for Christmas and other holidays so don’t limit this project to just Thanksgiving.  Whatever you do have FUN doing it!  Have you ever tried making handprint art?


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    Wendy! I L.O.V.E this! We are definitely going to have to make one. I don’t really sew so I think I’ll buy a plain one and dress it up with turkey prints from my kids. So cute!


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