Angels Among Us

There truly are Angels Among Us.

Angels Among Us


I recently helped decorate for a Christmas Dinner for the ladies at my church.  The theme that we chose this year was Angels Among Us.   Sometimes just seeing someone else’s ideas helps you to come up with your own twist and then you have a new tradition too.   I’m sharing the details of our DIY decorations, table settings and program for you to use as well.   This could easily be made into any type of dinner party too.  I truly believe that you have a greater success if you have others to rely on and that’s exactly what we did this year.  Everyone came with ideas and we each took one job and when we were finished everything was perfect!

Table Decorations -

1.  Sprinkle gold metallic tinsel down the entire length of the table, on top of the tablecloth.

2.  We took dead branches and spray painted them with gold metallic paint, and then layed them lengthwise down the center of each long table.

3.  Cut out simple star shapes and write the words from our theme on front of them , using a gold metallic pen.  Using gold yarn you can attach each star by simply hanging them from branches.

4.  We used gold plastic dinnerware with plates and napkins to match.


Room Decorations -

1.  We had a Christmas tree set up at the front by the stage with simple gold and silver ornaments.  This gave us a place for the ladies to bring their donations for the needy, which we were gathering that evening.

2.  We hung many strands of tiny white lights on a divider and all around the room.  This really added a lot of charm to what is usually the church gymnasium.


Program -

1.  We had a girl playing the harp throughout the evening.  There isn’t a more perfect place for a harpist to play!  What is it about the harp that sounds so angelic anyways?

2.  A special musical number was sung titled “Angels Among Us”

3.  We had two readers take turns telling very short stories, which we had the ladies submit a couple weeks before,  of times when they had been touched by an angel in their everyday dealings with others.  This was very meaningful because we didn’t use names only situations.   It made the program very personal.   You will be surprised at how many things are going on everyday and how many people are doing angelic things for their friends and neighbors.

4.  We had a printed booklet with the stories of angelic deeds told that night and even more of them placed at each table setting for the ladies to take home.

5.  We had an golden angel ornament placed at each table setting for the ladies to take home for their own Christmas tree as a reminder.


Food -

1.  Pasta Primavera with chicken and using Angel hair pasta

2.  simple salad

3.  breadsticks

4.  Angel food cake (with fresh strawberry puree sauce)


Having a theme and using it in many of the aspects of your evening really makes it easier to plan and also makes everything come together in the end.  The whole evening was simple, elegant, heartwarming and fun.  The perfect thing for a Christmas Dinner for the ladies.  Do you have your own story of a time when someone was an angel in your life?  I’d love to hear it.





  1. What a wonderful group of festive ideas! I do love a harp, as well.

  2. Hi Wendy,

    That looks classy decorated and with basic items too. Most of the time when I try to be decorative I look for the wrong things, thinking too complicated, making it too difficult for myself. It can be just about basics with a little added touch, like you are showing here. You certainly have the eye for that. It’s always a feast to see your creative creations.

    Merry Christmas!


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