Fresh and Easy Entertaining

The best way to throw a party is when it’s Fresh and Easy Entertaining done right.  Last weekend I was invited to a gathering for fellow bloggers and the afternoon was sponsored by the local market called Fresh and Easy.   I did receive a gift bag but was not paid and it was my own decision to share my thoughts about some of the new things I found that would be perfect when entertaining at home.

Fresh and Easy Entertaining at Home Sometimes just thinking about entertaining friends in your home can be overwhelming.  With a few secrets you can be entertaining the Fresh and Easy way too!  When I told friends that I would come to their Fresh and Easy Holiday Party I had no idea what was in store for me but now I’m really glad that I went.

Fresh and Easy Horsdeouvres I learned that there are some very tasty ready to go hors d’oeuvres  available in each store and all you have to do is heat them up.  I was surprised at how delicious they really are.  I found out about some really good choices in crackers that I can’t wait to try at my own party.  I was introduced to the most delicious Organic Sparkling Italian Soda in a pomegranate flavor that I had to go in and buy for myself immediately after tasting it at the party.  They also have some great choices in side dishes for your holiday dinner too.  Remember when I tried their Fresh and Easy Meals last year for Thanksgiving?  They do the same thing for Christmas and you can order online then it will be waiting for you in the store.  How perfect is that?

Fresh and Easy Appetizer Dishes I fell in love with these tiny plastic appetizer dishes and silverware that are perfect for bite sized party food.   They solve the problem of not having enough dishes for everyone and they help in clean up afterwards because they are strong enough to use without breaking but disposable too.  We had a fun afternoon and my favorite part was watching the children decorate their Gingerbread House creations!  I won the prize for bringing the most canned goods in for a charitable donation and had a great time seeing old friends again.  It was the perfect Fresh and Easy afternoon!  I left with so many great ideas for food spinning around in my head.  Do you have a Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market near you?  Did you know they had so many great things to help you throw the perfect party too?




  1. I love how you have all your hors doeuvres set out! They look fabulous!

  2. I have some of those little plates and silverware sets myself! I haven’t had the chance to use them just yet, but they are just too cute so I had to have them! I can’t wait to use them, I had forgot about them actually till I saw this post! I might have to take them over to my moms and use them for christmas dinner :)
    Also, this post made me hungry lol.

  3. I love all the noms!! :) The little mozaik containers are perfect!

  4. All that food looks delicious and I love how you arranged and decorated everything, very festive!! Oh and I want that appetizer set. I would throw a holiday party JUST to be able to use those cute bowls and plates!!

  5. This looks great! I love entertaining at home!

  6. We love to entertain- thanks for more great ideas!!

  7. Those appetizer dishes are awesome! We host a lot of parties and those would make things much easier!

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