New Years Eve 2014

Getting ready for New Years Eve 2014!

New Years Eve 2014 Sharing a peek of what’s been going on at my house since Christmas.  Once the Christmas decor is put away it’s always fun to put up a little bit of dazzle for the few days before New Years Eve.  This doesn’t need to cost you any extra money, just a little creativity and an open mind.  I left up my neutral colored wreath and garland from my Christmas decor.  This year instead of going all black and white I added a pop of color.  So here is what I did.

1.  I gathered up my box of New Years Eve hats, glasses, noisemakers that I save from years past and threw them around to see where everything stuck!

2.  I did a fun “hat stack”.

3.  Piled up the old numbered New Years glasses in a vintage crystal dish.

4.  Put my gold spray painted twigs, that I’ve now used for 4 different decorating projects this season, into a tall crystal vase.

5.  Hung my “Las Vegas” Christmas ornament from a stand.  Appropriate since The Las Vegas Strip is where we celebrate each year.

6.  Placed a bottle of “sparkling cider” next to a champagne flute.

7.  I simply tied two gold ribbons, leftover from Christmas packages, onto the stems of my topiaries that stay here year round.

8.  Centered it all with my favorite little gold clock.

New Years Eve display

So there you have it!  Simple but fun and it didn’t cost me a thing.  Something to remember tonight when you go to throw away those paper hats or noisemakers.  Throw it all in a little box and save it for next years display.  I hope you have a safe and fun New Years Eve with the ones you love and that you take a minute to add a little dazzle to your life!  What are you doing for New Years Eve?  Oh me?  You’ll have to stay tuned!


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    Gorgeous! I absolutely love your NYE decor. I especially like those branches in the vase. I did something similar for Christmas. I was originally going to buy fake branches from Hobby Lobby for $10, when I realized I could go outside, get branches from the ground, bake them, spray paint them, and save a ton of money in the process!


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