Santa Hat Topiaries

I was asked to decorate for the annual Christmas breakfast at church and created these Santa Hat Topiaries for the table centerpieces.

Santa Hat topiaries

They turned out really cute and were simple to make and I will tell you how I did them, but first let me tell you about how I decorated for the breakfast.  I decided that red and white candy stripe would be my theme.  Even if you stray a little and add other elements it’s still a good idea to have a theme.  Since I was decorating for a large number of people, and it was a low budget church event, I wanted to do this as simple and inexpensive as possible.  I decided to use this striped wrapping paper as table runners along all of the tables.

Santa Hat Themed Party

With some of the extra paper I cut large circles to put up all around on the walls.  I used a pizza pan as the pattern for tracing.  They were to be my giant “Peppermints”.  They were simple but really added a lot to the room.  I should tell you that I buy all of my wrapping paper by the bulk at Costco so it’s heavy duty and inexpensive.  I wrapped over 20 tables and had leftover for 30 large circles and then some.  I finished off the room with a picture corner where each guest could have their picture taken with Santa while they had their visit with him.  I simply put one of my CHRISTMAS QUILTS up on the wall next to a tree I decorated with red and white striped ribbon, red ball ornaments, and one of my red chairs from home sitting next to it.  I finished off the stage with large wrapped packages behind an evergreen garland wrapped with the same red and white striped candy cane ribbon.


Santa Hat Pattern

For each of my Santa Hats I used one styrofoam cone that was approximately 9 inches tall.  You can get them in many different sizes too.  I used red fleece fabric to cover the body of the cone and white fleece to make the band on the bottom of the Santa Hat.  I made a pattern by rolling the cone on the craft paper and marking it.  Once the pattern was made I used it to cut out the fabric in the correct size.


How to Make a Santa Hat Topiary I then used a spray adhesive to cover the back side of the fabric and wrapped the cone to cover it.  Once that was set and dried I attached the white trim on the bottom of each cone and a glued a medium sized white pom pom to the top of each cone.


Santa Hat Topiary sticks For each stick of the Santa Hat Topiary I took a plain wooden dowel stick and painted it white.  Once dried I used a thin painters craft tape {pictured in blue above} and wrapped it around the stick and then painted the stick red.  Once dried I removed the tape and the stick looked like a candy cane stripe.


Santa Hat Topiary Centerpieces To finish each Santa Hat Topiary I simply put them into small pint sized canning jars.  They were the perfect size for the candy canes I found.  They are the regular sized candy canes that I found at the dollar store.  I placed them around the inside of each jar.  I think there was room for about 14 in each glass jar.  I then wrapped a thin rectangular piece of styrofoam with white quilt batting and stuffed them carefully into the center of each jar.  I left some excess batting on the top and just fluffed it around the top of each jar.  I then stuck one candy cane striped dowel stick into each jar and pushed the stick down to the bottom of the jar.  Once each stick was placed in each jar I then carefully pressed a Santa Hat cone onto each stick.


Santa Hats

There you have it!  Simple and inexpensive but really cute for any Christmas Table.  The biggest expense was surprisingly the styrofoam cone itself, since I used recycled canning jars.  I used my 50% coupon each time I went to the craft store, over a period of about a month, and ended up paying about $2 per cone.  These Santa Hats would look great on your kitchen table for Christmas morning too.  My sister in law was delighted to have me bring them and do all the decorations for our annual family dinner this year!


Santa Hat Table Runner Have you ever been in charge of decorating for a holiday event?  If so do you usually try to stick with a theme for each event too?  I’m curious now, do you remember what was on your table at Christmas or do decorations even matter?



  1. That is such a cute idea and you did a great job with it!

  2. What a great idea! Super easy and adorable!

  3. Oh those are super cute! I will have to pin to remember to use for next year! Thank you!

  4. How cute are these! I’m never in charge of decorating for holiday events – I like patterns that mismatch (like stripes and dots, or leopard and zebra, or who knows what else). People say it looks like patterns threw up when I decorate.. or when I get dressed… lmao

  5. Oh How CUTE!!! I can’t make anything other than a mess, but I really like these. I could probably lure my mom into making them for me though :) might be an alternative for me to use since with these fur babes I do not put a tree! :)

  6. What an awesome craft idea, love it!

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