Simple Gingerbread Houses

Christmas is a busy time so I’m going to share my top tips on how to make Simple Gingerbread Houses with children.

Simple Gingerbread Houses


1.   If you’re making Gingerbread Houses with a crowd of children keep things simple by using graham crackers.

2.   Aprons can be your friend!

3.   Give each child their own plastic bowl of white frosting so there is no fighting.

4.   Use those little tubes of colored frosting for extra decorating, instead of making it.  It’s a lot easier if everyone has a few.

5.   Buy a variety of candies and put them out in divided bowls scattered around the table so they don’t have to pass anything around.

6.   Use paper plates and plastic knifes so nothing can drop and break.

7.   Use a plastic disposable tablecloth for easy cleanup.

8.   Accept the chaos and realize that in a few short hours it will all be done and then you can clean up!

9.   Most important is to make sure you have a camera ready and someone to take candid pictures because there will be plenty of priceless moments.

10.  Have a plan to transport them home with each child maybe in a treat box or tin or just a clean paper plate.

Bonus tip:  You can use a personal sized {empty} milk carton as a base and have the child build the house around it.  This will help to keep it stable and make things a little bit easier for young children.

Remember to keep it simple, wear a smile and just have fun!  Have you ever made a gingerbread house?  What kind did you make?  Was it fun?




  1. Great tips for when I’m at my daughter’s doing it in a group. Sammie & I hope to tackle this over the weekend. Happy holidays! xo PS. how did you like Anchorman 2? Sammie is dying to see it. She loves Will Ferrell she follows him on Instagram & won a contest where he followers her back. lol

    • Thanks Theresa! I hope to bake and decorate Gingerbread men this weekend at my house too. We loved Anchorman2! My son also loves Will Ferrell. How lucky for your daughter! That is cool! Enjoy this week with your family!

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