Winter White

Once Christmas is over I like to decorate with Winter White.

Winter White

Yes I love Winter White.  So when it comes to decorating my favorite spot in the family room, that’s my inspiration.  Winter White, it’s my little bit of snow that I rarely ever get to see here in the desert.  I love a clean but warm look after everything from Christmas is put away.  I kept up my wreath,  garland and golden twigs from Christmas and just took away that Christmas clutter that always seems to find it’s way to my fireplace mantle every year.  Now’s the perfect time to add a Winter White cover on the throw pillow on the couch and enjoy the season.

How do you usually change your decor after Christmas is put away?


  1. says

    What a beautiful mantle! I generally only decorate for Halloween and Christmas, after that I start trying to deep clean the house, living near the beach I’m constantly fighting with sand and dust on all the surfaces, so although I love to display things, it’s easier when I keep it to a minimum.

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