African Daisy

I enjoyed this view today of my African Daisy.

African Daisy

Someone once said that if we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.  That is how I felt today, as I played in the dirt, and planted this beautiful African Daisy in my garden.  I was amazed at the intricate details of this particular flower.

African Daisy 3D

The buds of Spring flowers like this African Daisy are quite miraculous.  So much beautiful goodness just ready to explode, teasing us with what is yet to come.  Such is Spring really, with the promise of a new beginning in the garden.

The common name of this amazing flower is the African Daisy and this is the 3D variety.  The botanical name is Osteospermum ecklonis and it’s an annual.  This unique flower is usually found in shades of pink and purple and has a domed anemone formed center that keeps the daisy opened at night.  Typical African daisies close in the dark.  These flowers love the sun and Summer and will bloom again when cut back.  The plant will get about 10 to 14 inches tall and loves to be moist but placed in well drained soil.

Have you ever been amazed at the beautiful flowers found in nature?  Which is your favorite?


  1. Monique says

    Right now flowers are just about to pop up. We have tulips in the process of popping up from underneath the soil. Ofcourse in stores we can buy cut off ones each day, but nature outdoor is still waking up, and earlier than usually as the weather has been extremely good for this time of year. So, not yet any blossomin flowers like yours but they are coming……

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